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  1. Vesica Piscis Wedding Chapel & Venue N Highway , Tulsa, Oklahoma Just miles North of the Tulsa Hard Rock Hotel Office Hours: Wednesday thru Saturday AM - PM Phone: or (cell).
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  3. Oct 14,  · Home» CREATION» A Bridge Portal – the Vesica Pisces In the study of Sacred Geometry, there is a form that is said to give birth to all form. It is the shape of two coming together in perfect balance, with one “thread” connecting the heart of one to the other.
  4. The second number we can find in the Vesica Piscis is √3. But before we can explain it properly, we need an introduction to the Mandorla. The Mandorla is the middle part of the Vesica Piscis, it is an Italian word for almonds or almond shaped (it also looks quite much like an almond).
  5. The Vesica Pisces as a model for relationship. The vesica pisces, which means “bladder of a fish” is a primary figure in sacred geometry. It is two equal-sized circles drawn so that the circumference of each penetrates the centerpoint of the other. The vesica pisces is .

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